Virtual Private Servers...

DNS provides services for businesses at any stage of growth - from home o­ffices to the entrepreneurial scene to growing companies. We have a range of cloud services to enable companies to work smarter, faster and with more flexibility, scaling programs and server resources as needed.

Dedicated resource

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) give you dedicated storage, RAM and processing power. Your VPS does not compete for resources and has an independent, isolated operating system accessing hardware resources easily through a thin hypervisor.

Leading technology

We have partnered with industry leaders to provide you with unbeatable virtualisation technology. Our VPS platform uses enterprise grade hardware, storage and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualisation - giving you a high performance, secure and resilient solution.

Reliable and resilient

Our clustered architecture supports automatic failover and load balancing, which will give your VPS better performance and high availability. In the unlikely event that one of the physical servers encounters a hardware issue; your VPS will automatically recover to reserve hardware. We store our VPS’s on a centralised SAN, which means your VPS can run on any of our servers without loss of data.

High performance

Improve your business’ performance with our centralised storage area network (SAN) and automatic load-balancing technology for VPS. It assesses the resources needed by your VPS and distributes workloads across physical machines to gives you the best performance from your VPS.

High usage

Award winning technology and fully customisable specs offering up to 16GB RAM, 1TB HDD means that you can have the dedicated resources you need to run even the most demanding applications and websites.

Access anytime, anywhere

With full remote control you can manage every aspect of your server from anywhere in the world. Every VPS includes free server analytics and email threshold alerts so you can keep on top of your server’s usage.